Fanfarlo :: "Finish Line"

One of my favorite moments of the last 72-hours involved screaming the lyrics to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's "Tidal Wave Of Young Blood." We were in the left-hand lane doing 85 through central Massachusetts. It was sunny and we were unleashing ourselves on the world with hurricane force. We were maybe the perfect storm. We were on the way to a wedding in a cemetery. You can't make these things up.

The loose connection is Fanfarlo. Their lead-singer sounds like a chalked up version of Alex Ounsworth's tweaking vocals from Clap Your Hands. The arrangements are more polished and stylistically, the two band's share little. But when it comes to marble-mouthed-roughed-up vocals, they are near twins. And the latest drop from the Fanfarlo camp is the understated "Finish Line." It is loosely and unsurprisingly about completing things. It has a slow build and doesn't quite pay-off like other songs on the wrecking-force new record Reservoir. But as we raced by people and made furtive glances at single-women in speedy cars, the weekend was wrapping up. The spring was coming to a close. We are in the next movement.

Listen :: Fanfarlo - "Finish Line"


Nate said...

You don't need to prove anything BOBBY!!!! Where is Harbor Master?

32feet said...

we are gloustermen. harbor master, check in. paging harbor master...