There Will Be Fireworks :: "Foreign Thoughts"

It was a little over 18-months ago when Frightened Rabbit first blasted out of my former roommate (pour some graduate school research out for a fallen homie) Tom's speakers. It was winter and we were feeling sorry for ourselves. It was exactly what we needed to hear. The grey-edge of a Scottish accent and the crushing words about falling apart were perfect.

A year-and-a-half later, Tom's room is empty, swept clean and I'll handle a new Scottish band alone. This time There Will Be Fireworks is the next to step into the void. Echoing guitars and low-end fuzz sew a backdrop for an eirily Frightened-vocal. The most charming moments are lyrical repetitions like, "she chokes on words that won't come out/the TV's turned up far too loud, too loud." Meanwhile, the arrangement builds until front man, Nicholas McManus is screaming catharsis, "she says she barely sleeps/and when she does it's fitfully," and saving his best for last, "a sad song in a minor key/a sad song in a minor key."

So, for the kid who made his departure this weekend, let's not feel sorry for ourselves. But that still doesn't mean we're going to be writing this in A-major. We'll miss you, buddy. Can you play this shit on the violin? Absolutely.

Listen :: There Will Be Fireworks - "Foreign Thoughts"

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