Guy Fantastico :: "Nom De Guerre"

"Nom De Guerre" was written and produced in Costa Rica. It sounds like it. Something vaguely tropical with a shade of futurism. It's a surf record and Guy Fantastico (we'll assume it's a stage name) wrote it in between surf sessions. Those are the facts. Onto the analysis.

"Nom De Guerre" leaves you with a far better impression than it begins with. The first two verses are forgettable, maybe even a little flat in places. The chorus rescues the track each time with all the flair of a parachute from free-fall or all the drama of a life-line thrown into an undertow. It is a profound turnaround. And things only get better. By the last refrain a synth-background fleshes out the sing-song melody, managing to balance the mechanical stomp of the percussion. Imagine a voodoo marionette: mechanized, tropical, lush, and a little crazy. "Nom De Guerre" asks us to name our conflicts. This is the kind of battle you can fight from the beach. All you have to do is sit through the first two verses.

Listen :: Guy Fantastico - "Nom De Guerre"

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