Brandon Flowers :: "Crossfire"

Brandon Flowers' first single off his solo release Flamingo will debut in a few hours on radio in the UK. Of course, it has "leaked" to the itching ears of the Internet. Flowers continues to traffic in rumbling baselines, soaring melodies and wistful lyrics, the edict here being, "lay your body down, lay your body down". We only presume he means to avoid the eponymous crossfire of "heaven and hell" that "we" are apparently caught in. With a straight face "Crossfire" bleeds the galloping influence of Duran Duran and the biggest arena influences of the 1980s. It is impossible for me to be exceptionally rational about a guy who once shared Budweisers and conversation with us in 2004. So, yes, this is great. Did you expect anything else?

None of your business. by TPBSecretLeaks

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