Dead Confederate :: "Giving It All Away"

Dead Confederate were supposed to launch a grunge revolution that would seize us all and bury us with its power. This was based largely on an EP, a first record and a song, "The Rat" that seemed to have enough power to do so. This didn't happen but then again, Karl Marx thought 1848 was the year that would launch a seismic transformation of society. Powerful figures don't always get their timing right.

Of course, Dead Confederate are back with their second LP, Sugar and are giving away track 9, "Giving It All Away." Not the best song on the record (that would be "Run From The Gun" featured in the video above), "Giving It All Away" has a great second movement and is the same dark, lit-from-below rock we saw melting the Mercury lounge back in 2007 and 2008. Worth noting it was at that show that a major label A&R leaned over and said, "This is great but we could never sell it." That may be true, but just because they can't sell it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy it.

Listen :: Dead Confederate - "The Rat"

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