Sun Airway :: "Put The Days Away"

Sun Airway's "Put The Days Away" falls claustrophobic and cold. The keyboard loop reminiscent of the first two bars of LCD's "All My Friends," but with the soul cut out and cast as an extra in a zombie flick, left to wander listlessly, sickly around some deserted American city. The hum and buzz of the arrangement remain aggressively modern, unsettling and frozen. Out of this maw twice comes a chorus of anti-nostalgia as the lyrics, "oh, how we put the days away/we just dance beneath a sea of snakes," indicate that to bury our past, we must bury ourselves. We will emerge, certainly, even necessarily, but it will come at considerable personal cost, this life underground. The final crescendo does not offer resolution, only a loud noise and the beginning of something else.

Listen :: Sun Airway - "Put The Days Away"

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