Windmill Wedding :: "Espanola"

Jon Lawless of First Rate People has split for a minute to work on a side-project under the name Windmill Wedding. Is this a loose reference to a whirlwind courtship? Or is it a magically-real moment where Dutch wind towers walk and talk and flirt with each other, slowly the building the foundation of mutualistic, not to mention environmentally sustainable, romance? Nicole Jasper's talents in tandem, Lawless builds a classically hooky, summer jam around a bouncy synth line and one of those irrepressibly ebullient melodies that remind you: It's never not happening. "Espanola" takes off without looking down or back, a 45-degree jet stream in a blue sky. It is the far-side of the world from the Northern Ontario town from which the song gets its name, one of those secret places where young people make great music and its summer even when its freezing outside.

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