Capybara :: "Late Night Bikes"

The recent resurgence of marketing youth culture took firm hold of commercial advertising, threatening to become an ingrained cultural value. If you weren't those shirtless kids dancing around a campfire with face paint on (wearing Levis), or taking a video-graphed (Flip Camera) road trip across the country (in a Honda Element), you were supposed to think you could be. Companies weren't marketing their products, but rather they were selling you a vision of yourself. It didn't hurt that the soundtrack to these ads was invariably a hooky, credible independent band. We were easily bought. But, these romantic generalizations - in essence, we are all independently wealthy, wear skinny jeans, are attractive and intensely creative - held a power that transcended mere dollars. It spoke to our most nostalgic selves. We have taken a late night walk down the double yellow lines of a deserted street. We have ridden bikes through the dead of night in Pacific Beach, San Diego. We have driven cross-country. We have smiled broadly in this sepia-toned movie made just for us. We are these people. Capybara not only might find their latest song, "Late Night Bikes" getting the sync-treatment (a Nissan Leaf commercial, perhaps) but they are absolutely rooted in the realities that make the above paragraph possible. "Late Night Bikes" sounds expansive and warm; it is catchy and, in places, perfect. It's road music for a generation of kids who have done nothing but move, sliding in long, languid figure-eights under a street light in a parking lot, down a lonely highway and through a few weird decades.
Listen :: Capybara - "Late Night Bikes"

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