Jethro Fox :: "Before"

Mixing some initial bombast, anxious guitars and a clap track, with an acoustic progression and background vocals cribbed out of the Local Natives notebook, Jethro Fox crafts a shimmering and brilliant first single, "Before". The best moment contained herein lies in the song's the bridge, a stop-gap between the second chorus and the last two. The vocals are pulled out and a Real Estate-y guitar line does a box step across the arrangement, at once refined and languid, before Fox hits us again with the refrain. The lyrics are simple and awestruck, "It's like nothing that I've seen before." And while you probably have seen and heard music that sounds and feels like this, you haven't heard it done this well lately. Fox makes himself immediately an artist to watch in the coming months as he progresses toward a debut LP, mixing some of his past-present tense mixing. Something maybe seen before and also not seen yet.


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