Lovers :: "How Beautiful You Are"

Is it a metronome or a heart monitor on the fritz? The first notes in Lovers' "How Beautiful You Are" plink out as a tiny, beeping loop. This emerges as the foundation, laying out just at the fringes, for a delicate, compartmentalized love song. The Neutral Milk Hotel-inspired melody - and it is the tonal stepping stones in the chorus that could easily be replaced with Jeff Mangum's howl - centers on the title lyric, a breezy acoustic guitar progression. Unlike Mangum's "Song Against Sex", this is lighter fare, more likely a hymn for human contact without feeling grimy or unduly salacious. The incessant loop from the song's opening never leaves, inspiring a sense that this is at once measured and musical and might also make your heart move a little out of time for the next two minutes plus.

Listen :: Lovers - "How Beautiful You Are"

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