Lovepark :: "How Do I See?"

Riding a warm and sparse guitar line into a falsetto chorus, Lovepark craft an extremely promising first 7" single, "How Do I See?" The band hails from Brighton, the place that Kele Okereke once encouraged us all to go for the weekend, a cultural mix between the rough ex-fishing towns that exist everywhere from Marseilles to New Bedford with a side of the devastating vacation-blight of Coney Island. "How Do I See?" exhibits some of this same dualism, the first two hooks phrased as "Because it feels good" and "How does it feel now?". The arrangement slows and expands around the central theme of how anyone ever manages to move forward and on. It is the kind of question that can be of aching importance when you are from a place most people just visit, where their transience is your permanence. But this is no blue-collar anthem, no silly "Downeaster Alexa" with a British accent. Rather, the band sounds careful and deliberate as they explore juxtaposed elements like, "in the middle of the night, a thousand scorching suns", a song about the desires to leave cast against the realities of leaving, the brightness of midnight sunshine.

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