Wild Combination :: "When We're Together (We Don't Worry)"

Wild Combination wouldn't be the first 20-somethings to wonder if interpersonal relations were better in person. Relationships, for better or worse, are best conducted at close range, or so the band contends on the bright and mournful single, "When We're Together (We Don't Worry)". Distance makes the heart grow jealous and biting, a compiler of so many miniature slights, an overly analytical librarian with a fatal streak. The arrangement buzzes with guitars recalling Foals and purposeful synths all leading to a cloud-clearing chorus around the eponymous and optimistic lyric, "We don't worry". Of course, the other, darker current runs through the verses with musings about lost sparks, faded love and broken faith. Proximity can be everything, the dividing line between a chorus of bleeding optimism and verses of over-blown despair.

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