Pontoons :: "Antidote"

With music that recalls the Elephant 6 catalog, Belle & Sebastian and bands like the Bodines, New York's Pontoons return after a 14 year layoff with the fantastic, "Antidote". Like an indie rock Mad Libs, "Antidote" features jangly guitars, a brutal lyrical allegory (here, poison, cures, etc.) and a driving chorus. The finest moment is the last one, a collision of barking lyrics - we presume about the kind of yelling, cathartic healing that people considered credible in the mid-1990s - and memorable, modulating melody. Of course, there isn't a much better "form meets function" moment than a lyric like, "I'm shouting my lungs out." Add the friscalating guitars at the fringes and we consider Pontoons - and everyone else - entirely healed.

Listen :: Pontoons - "Antidote"

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