Black Light Dinner Party :: "We Are Golden"

Even if everything has been going to the beat since 2008, Black Light Dinner Party have still found some of the last sparkle at the bottom of the synthesizer barrel. "We Are Golden" mixes form and function, a glittering, buzzing slow-jam. In fact, the pacing is downright methodical for a song that so openly makes a case for self-actualization, a perpetual state of becoming. The little turns of lyrical phrase, "I start a fire with sticks/I put it out with my fist" grant the narrator super-human capabilities that span space and time. "I'll build a home on the sea/We'll swim where ever we please," he sings against the back drop of purple skies, gold in the ground and bright futures ahead. Black Light Dinner Party aren't new to the New York scene, and their sound isn't busting any genre barriers, but "We Are Golden" is proof that it's still cool to be young, insouciant and on fire with the future.

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