Wild Party :: "When I Get Older"

A series of confessional observations mix easily on Wild Party's "When I Get Older", a perfect slice of post-adolescence. The chorus hits like a relief, an overwrought, "oh", sailing out over the arrangement like a laissez-faire invocation of the good times and faux deep thoughts ahead. Of course, "When I Get Older" takes itself seriously, the kind of straight-faced lyrics that recent college graduates can find themselves thinking, singing and saying, "Maybe there's still hope." Only the post-adolescent could possibly believe they might be out of time. It's enough to make your parents giggle, or throw up. But, these are the crimes of being young, stupidly full of big ideas and a sense that each moment is pregnant with so much meaning. This too, is the power and darkness of pop music, here cast as this buzzing Thin Lizzy-lite, something triumphal and a little ridiculous in the same breath. 

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