Field Mouse :: "Tomorrow Is Yesterday"

It's that bass line - leading, breathless and frustrated - that marks the boundaries of the latest Field Mouse single, "Tomorrow Is Yesterday". Lost somewhere between dream pop and shoegaze, vocalist Rachel Browne finds little slices of menace and fecundity in an arrangement that ends up sounding a little like Silversun Pickups and little like early Emily Haines. Browne is the self-same singer who cracked sarcastic barbs from the stage of Glasslands this past summer about being super stoned - which she surely wasn't - with the sort of dry wit and vague hostility that passes for both smarts and flirtation in the female denizens of New York City. "Tomorrow Is Yesterday" rings full of bombast, but Browne and her bandmates are as playful as they are serious, riding a turbulent low-end into the next phase of a very bright young career.

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