The Secret Machines :: "Atomic Heels"

The Secret Machines are down one member, done with a double-digit number of shows at the Annex (to figure themselves out or something), and back with new material. It's been about three years since they hit us with "Alone, Jealous, and Stoned," the inexplicable first single ("Lightning Blue Eyes" was twice the song in half the running time) off their second LP Ten Silver Drops.

"Atomic Heels" has a hint of hidden explosivity in its title. If there was something vaguely nuclear in your footsteps, you couldn't help but get in your spaceship and blast off. Or, in a different mood, you couldn't help but stomp down Ludlow St. laying waste to hipsters and poorly-lit bars with the split-fusion force of an heavy eye-linered wink.

The sound is just as big as always - albeit a little less transformative. There's no gigantic second movement. There is no shifting into a higher gear. There's just a churning drum beat and a muddled pysch-rock arrangement that might make you think of Ambulance LTD's most fuzzed out moments. There's some missed potential here. But, I guess that's the point. Until you lift them up and see what's beneath your atomic heels, you'll just. never. know.

Listen :: The Secret Machines - "Atomic Heels"

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