Sebastian Grainger :: "Love Can Be So Mean"

Sebastian Grainger used to hit the drums for Death From Above 1979. Let's just get that out of the way early. Now no one has to waste a whole paragraph talking about the historiography of dance-rock and how this solo effort shows that he hasn't lost a step, and oh yeah, by the way, he's signed to Saddle Creek and shouldn't we all fall over in our sleep at how amazing all of this is? Can we just deal with this as an individual.? I'd hate to waste the space.

"Love Can Be So Mean" is the song The Killers should have released as the third single off Hot Fuss. It doesn't matter that they didn't write it (or that it would be four years before it was written) or that "All These Things I've Done" is a far better song. It just sounds like it should have been one of the featured songs off the album. It's tight and fuzzy and it explodes into a chorus that will push the limits of your personal BPMs. Maybe more simply, it is glam as hell and I mean that as a compliment. So set your cruise control on a million and let the neon lights of your major American city blur. You'd hate to miss a minute.

Listen :: Sebastian Grainger - "Love Can Be So Mean" (via Sixeyes)

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