The Lemurs :: "Blackspot"

Nothing is quite as foreboding as the term "black spot." If there's a black spot on your lung, you might only have a few years (weeks) to live. Were all the Marlboro Reds worth it? If you're a black spot on your major metropolitan area, it's probably because you've committed a series of felonies or have tried to sprint down Fifth Ave. with a life-size cardboard stand-up of Joba Chamberlain. Was the police line-up worth it? If you have a black spot on your face, it's probably because someone pulled the old, "hey, can you look through this telescope" when secretly they'd already rubbed charcoal all over the eye-piece. Pranks. God, we're funny.

The Lemurs aren't pulling anything on anyone. They're just a dance-rock band out of Austin, Texas with two small EPs to their name. Maybe unimpressive. But, "Blackspot" proves to be less of a death sentence, less of a case of misdemeanor larceny, and less of a prank than anything described above. It's simply a frantic dance-rock anthem that deserves to be played in the left-hand lane of most American highways at 85 miles-per-hour. Something to add a little urgency to your laconic, overly thoughtful Friday morning. Leave the Marlboros and Joba out of this. No one is laughing even thought it's hilarious.

Listen :: The Lemurs - "Blackspot"

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