My First Earthquake :: "Cool In The Cool Way"

Debating hipster culture hasn't become a pastime, it has become American bloodsport. And San Francisco's My First Earthquake are lending their voice to the discussion. Their take: hipsters have created a zombie army marching on America's youth. I agree. If reading obscure Russian literature and wearing thick glasses made you an individual in 1990, it doesn't qualify you to work at American Apparel now. Hipsters manslaughtered individuality for the price of two v-neck t-shirts and a Belle & Sebastian import. In a sad attempt to define themselves, they destroyed any hope of definition and in the great American spirit: we all become that which we despised.

Unless. We break out. It isn't entirely too late. Remember, doing your own thing has much more to do with shutting other people out than listening yourself.

Listen :: My First Earthquake - "Cool In The Cool Way"

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Rebecca said...

Your tag on this post is much appreciated! Thanks for writing about us. Fight the good fight!