The Big Pink :: "Dominos"

If love isn't a battlefield, it might be a street fight. After yesterday's cloying meditation on relationships and heartbreak, we're prepared to move on to something else. And coming hotly tipped out of the UK, The Big Pink are more than prepared to handle it. Their record doesn't pretend to have all the answers but debut single, "Dominos" is one answer to the emotional Rubik's cube.

And if love is a street fight, this is surely the angle of the winner (if winning is, well, hurting). The hook lyric is "these girls fall like dominos." The implication is, obviously, that these girls fall far too quickly in love with the narrator. Whether you agree or disagree, he admits, "three words we shared too early on" and "as soon as I love her, it's been too long." Hell, it's vicious, uncompromising cruelty set against a massive industrial pop back-drop. Big Pink unleashes something that, I suspect, is deeply personal and commercially viable. If emotional pain can be marketed to those who feel victimized, you suppose it can be sold to those who inflict it. Is it possible that the felon has a defendant? Absolutely. The constitution more than promises it.

Listen :: Big Pink - "Dominos"
Bonus :: Big Pink - "Velvet"

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