War Tapes :: "Dreaming of You"

High drama seems to attract its fair share of audience. A common counter-argument during college was that people just wanted things to be "chill." This was as boring as it was colloquial. Maybe a healthy balance between emotional adrenaline and placidity is for the best but in the moment of truth, at gunpoint, is it drama or boredom? Ask yourself, would rather work as a bank teller or plan a bank robbery? Maybe a revealing psychological question. War Tapes new single "Dreaming of You" might not have "indie rock" stamped on its chest but it is vault-blowing, get-away-car-riding, car-chasing dramatic.

What does it sound like? The Editors (or White Lies for that matter) playing a Cure song. "Dreaming of You" opens with the same suggestively lithe guitar-lines that made Robert Smith millions of dollars in the 1980s. Highlighter synths light the top of the arrangement before the whole mess collides into the chorus. The moment of high drama, the "give me all the money, hands in the air and nobody gets hurt" moment is at the three-minute mark. Coming out of the bridge the band gives us an unironic pause before unleashing five of the biggest guitar chords you'll hear this year. It's massive and unapologetic and thank God for that. Wake up, people. It's Monday.

Listen :: War Tapes - "Dreaming of You"

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