Fruit Tree Foundation :: "I Forgot To Fall"

The Fruit Tree Foundation is a collection of Scottish musicians who have come together to produce a record exploring issues of mental health, raising funds and awareness. Featuring heavy-hitters like Scott Hutchinson of Frightened Rabbit and James Graham of The Twilight Sad, as well as curators Rod Jones and Emma Pollack, the collaboration is already bearing dark, intense and rich fruit. Even the simple edict of allowing Hutchinson and Jones loose on a record dealing with issues of mental health seems a match made in heavenly hell. After all, it was Hutchinson who looked us straight in the face in 2007 and sung, "You're not ill and I'm not dead/Doesn't that make us the perfect pair?" and then later in 2010 moaned, triumphantly, "I'm not miserable now!"

On "I Forgot To Fall," one of two teasers on the Foundation's website, Hutchinson's vocals are immediately recognisable, fragile and insistent. The arrangement is a spiralling affair of strings, splashing drums and building guitars. For this group darkness is not a foreign feeling, the depths known deep yet survivable, pain put on tape and left for others to hear.

Listen :: Fruit Tree Foundation - "I Forgot To Fall"

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