Mondrian :: "Things Money Can't Buy"

Mondrian are the French answer to the Belle and Sebastian album ready to land delicately in your music collection next Tuesday. A depressed mandolin marches along in ho-hum lockstep as sunny electronics enter and exit the arrangement with the playful attitude of a child playing in a revolving door. The chorus, a futuristic take on the same pop of the above referenced Scots, mixes elements of the wilting beauty of a Beirut record and the partial understanding of higher order truth over and above a commercial wilderness (see: "a thing money can't buy"). Despite all this, "Things Money Can't Buy" is entirely purchasable at the band's bandcamp.

<a href="http://popmondrian.bandcamp.com/track/things-that-money-cant-buy">Things that money can't buy by Mondrian</a>

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