Mr. Little Jeans :: "Rescue Song" [RAC Remix]

We are certain that Mr. Little Jeans is headed for greatness in 2011. Not only is her cart attached to the Neon Gold locomotive but her most recent "7 single, "Rescue Song" features one of the most instantly memorable choruses of 2010. The original, sounding like post-"1 2 3 4" Feist, is hollowed out here by RAC and filled with winsome Computer Magic-style synths and enough space to let the refrain sail out above it all. It will be stuck in that crevice in your brain between your childhood home phone number and that thing you were about to say that slipped away, both hard to pin down and pretty unforgettable.

Mr. Little Jeans - Rescue Song (RAC Mix) by Remix Artist Collective

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