Nana Grizol :: "Cynicism"

One of the best records of 2010 that it seems no one has heard is Nana Grizol's Ruth. With equal parts of the Weakerthans, the Mountain Goats and a splash of Neutral Milk Hotel, track one "Cynicism" crafts the indictment of all the broken-hearted, or half broken-hearted, or those who thought High Fidelity spoke to them on some intimate level. You got run over, you say. That doesn't make you special, they respond; it just makes you everyone. "Cynicism isn't wisdom/it's a lazy way to say you've been burned," marking the least romantic, romantic lyric of the year.

Nana Grizol - "Cynicism" by 32feet

Download :: Nana Grizol - "Cynicism"

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