Contact 32ft/sec

I now have an official blog email address: 32feet@gmail.com. This should be useful for the following purposes:

1) You read something you like. You like it so much, you would like to tell me how much you like it. I will write you back. We will be Internet friends.

2) You read something you hate. You think I am a fucking idiot. I don't know how to write and my musical taste is shit. Furthermore, you'd like me to know all of these things immediately. You write me. I will write you back. We will be Internet enemies.

3) You are a band/artist. You think, "hey, this isn't as good as what I make on my laptop/in my studio/in my brain." You think, "I'll write to this guy and see if he wants to post my music." Go ahead. Send me some mp3s or something. I'll write you back. We will be Internet friends. I can't promise I'll like your music, which may make us, in the end, Internet enemies.

4) You are a stalker. You already know my name and now you know my email address. This excites you. You are thinking about how my scalp would look as a hat. You are thinking your basement would be a nice place for me to live. You listen to INXS. You couldn't care less what music I post. I will put the lotion in the basket or I will get the hose. Jodie Foster will shoot you in the face. We will be Internet enemies.

5) You are a label or a band. I have posted your song and I did not ask for your permission. You are aggravated. You write me a strongly worded email. You will sue me into submission. I accept this. We will declare an Internet truce.

Fair? Keep me updated.


phoebeplagens said...

i think we both "know" someone that will qualify under #4.

32feet said...

where do you think i got the inspiration?