Family Of The Year :: "Stupidland"

Family Of The Year closed out our summer in methodical and unrushed fashion. On this go round, "Stupidland", the band finds a skip in their step to match their silky group harmonies. In terms of vocals, think GROUPLOVE but more campfire and less sprinting through fields, although even "Stupidland" has a moment of explosiveness near its close. Both reflect heavily on youth, in this case a place where "all you dreams" sit next to your foolish decision making, money spent in bars or, a post-adolescent pastoral, a pile of dirty socks outside your bedroom. All of this divides through the common denominator of exuberance, these beautiful and broken days of untold promise, not yet ground down or worn smooth by the passage of the world. Even to be able to joke about the foolishness of dreams tells you that Family Of The Year still believe in the truth value of their promise. And that is something to hold onto, even while you're getting your mail delivered to Stupidland.

Listen :: Family Of The Year - "Stupidland"

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