Jonquil :: "Fighting Smiles"

Jonquil are preparing to make their descent on US shores in extremely poppy and nonthreatening fashion. This, of course, says nothing of the excellent One Hundred Suns EP they'll be supporting or the fact that as a signer to Dovecote, they're poised to be one of the break out bands of SXSW and 2011. On lead track, "Fighting Smiles", a lofty series of sunshine guitars dart around each other before (is it pan flute?) keys sail away like little drops of mercury fallen on the surface of a table. The track eludes simple architecture, leading necessarily to the sense that you are both never quite outside of a perpetually occurring chorus. The final two minutes distill this style, blending verse and refrain in explosion of hooks and melodies meant to be sung and memorized. As the title suggests, it is that moment where, despite your better judgement, you smile anyhow. They cite Paul Simon and I offer a British Vampire Weekend demo from four years ago. It's both semantics and a compliment. Jonquil play the Knitting Factory and Mercury Lounge next Sunday and Monday, March 13 and 14.

Listen :: Jonquil - "Fighting Smiles"

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