LCD Soundsystem :: "Dance Yrself Clean" @ Terminal 5 [3.29.11]

Being one of the privileged 25,000 people - and a statement of this absurdity should communicate some of the cultural impact of this event - who will get to see LCD Soundsystem's  finishing kick this week, I feel rather un-uniquely positioned to say something about it. In fact, despite Murphy's urging for us to just, you know, "be here" instead of photographing everything, I suspect this run of shows will be one of the most widely documented and discussed series of concerts New York's history.

Last night, LCD Soundsystem opened with "Dance Yrself Clean", very nearly exploding Terminal 5, a venue most known for its dearth of emotional character and poor sight lines. Anyone in the building will always have those first five snare hits (4:05 above), the flashing strobes and all your friends, people you did and didn't know, going absolutely bananas, turning the floor into a gurgling, carbonated cluster of human energy. Thus, began a three-hour odyssey, a journey between band and audience. Never have I seen a New York crowd give of itself so unconsciously, perhaps because never has a band ever so egregiously and unpretentiously offered itself to us. LCD Soundsystem, we love you (but nothing) and this feels like a real event and we're happy to be a part of it, all of it, really.

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