Girl In A Coma :: "Smart"

When Morrissey wrote "Girlfriend In A Coma" in early 1987, it was a loose metaphor for the thin line between love and hate. I suspect he never thought three girls from Texas would reappropriate the idea, ditch the relationship angle and make themselves, metaphorically of course, that Girl In A Coma that Morrissey and Marr were so seriously considering strangling. On "Smart" the girls don't sound like the Smiths but they do sound like the Sundays. Stopping short of the pure pop of "Here's Where The Story Ends", a song like "Smart" relies on brightly textured guitars and soaring arpeggios, all backing wistful lyrics like "I've never been in love like this". If Morrissey stared at a comatose lover and thought of how easy it would be to kill her, Girl In A Coma diverge, wondering how crushing it would feel to be alone.

Listen :: Girl In A Coma - "Smart"

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