Jonathan Coulton :: "Sucker Punch"

Making the best nerdy power-pop since the Lemonheads, Jonathan Coulton has courted and built an impressive and loyal following. On, "Sucker Punch" just the most recent peek at his latest LP, Artificial Heart, a down-stroke progression builds to one of those pre-choruses that foretell something elevating. In this case, it is Coulton, nearing a key change and at the top of his range, belting, "And I feel better already", over and over again. It isn't particularly academic and the refrain is self-aware enough to know that there will be more critically acclaimed records than this in 2011, but, perhaps none will have the soul and the unbridled fun of "Sucker Punch". This is a slice of destructive adolescence from a grown man. It is also a bit of power-pop from someone who knows better and certainly doesn't care.

Listen :: Jonathan Coulton - "Sucker Punch"

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