Jonquil :: "It's My Part"

Oxford, England quartet, Jonquil made our list for bands who would almost certainly break out in 2011. Well, lists are subjective and despite a thoroughly well-received CMJ, the band hasn't exactly cracked AAA-radio, even with recent single, "Mexico". Still, the band might just be squaring up 2012 as their year to breakout and crossover as we look relentlessly into the future while only casually addressing the present. Things we know: the album will be called Point Of Go and will be released on March 5, 2012. Lead track (actually track three) from the record, "It's My Part" is another piece of the band's signature angular, glittering pop. Ebullient and unrestrained, this has a darker hue - it could be the title lyric and chorus - but a back-beat and dancing shoes to match lines like, "I decided that I would fear the world." Sunny guitars chime with all the heedless yearning of some young, stupid, unrequited love story. "It's My Part" is only the beginning, to be sure.

Listen :: Jonquil - "Mexico"

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