Capital Cities :: "Kangaroo Court"

As we trend closer and closer toward everything sounding like Men At Work's "Land Down Under", the Los Angeles duo Capital Cities release new single, "Kangaroo Court" replete with slamming synths and their signature trumpet interlude. The vague tribalism rings a bit distant as synth stabs fight each other like caffeinated kids on a trampoline, but the band eventually settles into a seemingly key-changing chorus of escalating and descending melody. No one is having more fun (and this is a qualitative superlative that a few bands share) than Capital Cities. If the description of a farce-laden judiciary doesn't complete the picture, it's not certain what would, not quite "Kids" on the summer-synth-hook scale but not not "Kids" either.

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sosmusic said...

Cool band. Will definitely be checking out some more of their stuff. Cheers!