Ghost of Chance :: "I Feel Fine"

With a dose of Murmur-era R.E.M., Ghost of Chance release a single aimed straight at the heart of college radio from 20 years ago. "I Feel Fine" represents a bit of scratchy and jangly pop from the four-piece until the disparate parts break away, the arrangement shuffles into lock step and the chorus recalls the exact moment that Michael Stipe wrote "Catapult". It feels inexorable, this progress toward a refrain. The drums seem to grant themselves greater agency, running away under Jayson Munro's tweaking and insistent vocal. This is where someone says something about "being rooted in the past" while someone else says, "but grounded in contemporary indie rock mores". We won't say either, but like most good American bands, R.E.M. included, derivative or not, Ghost of Chance manage to eliminate any useful descriptions of time.

Listen :: Ghost of Chance - "I Feel Fine"

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