Free Energy - "Electric Fever"

The first time I heard a Free Energy song I was laying on a couch that I spent a month sleeping on in Los Angeles. I immediately transcribed the lyrics and sent them to three of my friends. It was the middle of the night, the kind of thing you did when you were 26 and still felt like everything mattered some of the time. Of course, Free Energy were hopelessly and obviously derivative. They sounded like Thin Lizzy; they sounded like Bachman Turner Overdrive; they sounded like fun. On latest single, "Electric Fever", the band returns with the same post-modern pastiche of influences. The cowbell is a prominent and unironic motif. The question is, if stealing and cribbing influences is this joyful, is it still theft? Music was supposed to be fun, remember? If this bothers you, I suspect you probably don't get it, which is an irritating and circular way of saying, you should let this move you. Do as they say and, "turn it up". You should email your friends in the middle of the night; the lyrics aren't that hard to remember.

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