Cinnamon Girl :: "Devil In Me" [Noosa Remix]

Everyone's a DJ and most songs have remixes. We are, in essence, modern in our criticism and edification. The guiltiest of pleasures, Cinnamon Girl is a hot mix of Robyn and La Roux on spasmodic single, "Devil In Me," now reimagined by New Yorker synth-dealers Noosa. Of course, this proves divisive (see above). At least one acquaintance of ours reflected on "Devil In Me" by saying, "This is no Robyn," which is exactly what someone who likes Robyn would say about Cinnamon Girl, before adding, "until this song is huge and I love it." And this is the final turn of the circle."Devil In Me" is an unselfconscious pop song about our collective, unrestrained id, at the fringe of being an enormous, everywhere anthem. The Noosa remix preserves much of the framework of the original, only clouding some edges and dulling the chorus from an amphetamine raison d'etre to a more echoing but still yelping reflection on the evil that lies in all of us. One of those most destructive of those human ills is criticism. So, let "Devil In Me" speak on its own terms, maybe not a guilty pleasure at all, a thesis statement for all the downtown kids who stayed out too late and never knew how to apologize.

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