The Zolas :: "Knot In My Heart"

The Zolas' "Knot In My Heart" might as well be a punch in the chest. Both are these sorts of goofy visual similes that serve as the coded language for our deepest and most unspeakable emotional geography. The unmentionable becomes the banal, our common touch on things we barely understand, words like, "heartache," phrases like "love sick." Though in the midst of this linguistic obfuscation, the band gives hints of more straight forward depths on lyrics like, "It's hard and weird not to know how your day begins." The Zolas insist on their intention to take pop songs and "fuck them up," but there is nothing shabby or unintentional about the cloud-clearing chorus of "Knot In My Heart," where the arrangement almost visibly lifts off the ground. Growing in its insistence, The Zolas craft one of those pop songs that traffics in the dark sorts of solipsisms of the early 20s, the sorts of sea sick pains that you wake up with, a grinding anxiety of love and loss, and they set it to a bouncy, modulated chorus that tickles every dopamine receptor available. Easily one of the best singles of 2012, it is happy sounding music for the daily apocalypse of heartbreaks from afar. "Knot In My Heart," like "heartbreaks" and "chest punches," is silly language, semantic laziness, and it is absolutely the best anyone can do.

Download :: The Zolas - "Knot In My Heart"

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