Parade of Lights :: "Just Give It Up"

Tapping the same genome that M83's "Midnight City" and the Big Pink's "Dominos" made deservedly famous, Parade of Lights, a Los Angeles band, release a stunning first single, "Just Give It Up." Made for late nights and the fuzzy neon of downtown, "Just Give It Up" smashes its way through a shout along arrangement rooted in an enormous back beat and a karate-chop vocal loop that offers an implied and metaphorical violence. There is even a hint of the Fine Young Cannibals' "She Drives Me Crazy" in the melody. It is, of course, about capitulation. On the surface, this all could be a ham-fisted allegory about sex, but grant them a bit of license and assume this surrender is lyrical, a grand giving in to the imperatives of dark bars and good looking people with downcast eyes, a dance floor burner for the zip codes of our perpetual disaffection.

Download :: Parade of Lights - "Just Give It Up"

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