Only You :: "Love Is Making Me Tired"

These warm throw-back guitars have, by this point in 2012, a rich history. Beth Consentino and Best Coast carved out a little empire for things that walk and talk like some lost surf-rock fantasy from the 1950s. Of course, they are now featured in national advertising campaign for a computer operating system. The fantasy relies on being utterly unremembered and completely, conspicuously modern. Only You, another Los Angeles musician, sounds a bit more committed to reversing the clock, drawing a bit more directly on Roy Orbison. "Love Is Making Me Tired" opens with the lyric, "You're the truth/I'm a liar," the only bit of duplicity in a song that packages a wonderfully layered chorus with singer Rachel Fannan's heart-breaking vocal. The pathos lies on the floor somewhere, and the chorus takes each step downward to find it. Fannan is somewhere near the top of the room, backed by those warm and forgotten guitars, wailing into history.

Listen :: Only You - "Love Is Making Me Tired"

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