The Ampersands :: "Try This"

Buzzing power-pop shuffles through a sea of keyboards and fuzz on the Ampersands' first single, "Try This" from second LP, This Is Your Adventure Too. Recalling the abrasive and infectious pop of a band like the Features, "Try This" evolves from its lead keyboard line, a drunken circus melody, into memorable chorus where a female vocal emerges from behind the curtains to provide the central interogative, "Why don't you try this or you'll never know?" It's circular logic, to be sure, but the come-hither, nearly fecund tone of the chorus sets itself against the stomping and granular verses, a pleasant dichotomy. Like the instructions of the refrain, the listener is sort of helpless in the face of the hook, drawing gravity from splashy high-hats and even a bit of cowbell.

Listen :: The Ampersands - "Try This"

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