China Rats :: "To Be Like I"

If everything breaks right for China Rats in the next few months, they will be 2013's answer to the Vaccines 2011-campaign. The Leeds band channels more Ramones pop-brut than the Vaccines ever did, but the insistent drums and shout-along refrains are the common thread. "To Be Like I" is a revolving door rock song, spinning and spinning in place, joyfully centered on the title lyric. The band will play SXSW in a few months time, and have a coming single to back "To Be Like I" and the band's other recent raucous single, "N.O.M.O.N.E.Y." With a big following in the UK, in the ever-evolving American "now," China Rats are in the pregnant moment before things either happen or don't, like "To Be Like I," full of potential, brash and uncertainty.

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