Kodaline :: "All My Friends" [LCD Soundsystem cover]

It has been a weird last five years and everyone knows it. See, in 2007 when James Murphy's thesis statement track, "All My Friends" descended on downtown New York, no one had any way of knowing what the next years held. Only a little further downtown the next year Lehman Brothers would accidentally destroy the global economy. Speed up to 2012; LCD is no more; global financial markets are still behaving like a depressed teenager; "All My Friends" is still a genre and generational-defining track." It was about getting older and losing bits of yourself along the way, trying to regain the groups that held you together and have now fractured apart, the grand codependency of youth collapsing into jobs, unemployment, distance, all grinding bits of adulthood. In Murphy's world this was, "you're blowing 85 days days in the middle of France." Kodaline, a band who are doing a very reverent Coldplay impression, recently covered "All My Friends" with a mournful, Irish sparseness. While nothing touches the original, Kodaline, also tapped in the BBC's Sound of 2013 as one of the most promising acts of the coming year, take Murphy to church in a final, group sing. It won't stave the anxieties that drove "All My Friends" the first time, nor will it fix the new ones that emerged since its release, but it's a wonderful reminder all the same.

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