Lonesome Leash :: "Ghosts"

Dropping into an unsettling dystopia, Lonesome Leash's debut single, "Ghosts" is an ambitious minor key offering that checks in somewhere between the French Quarter and the apocalypse. Sharing methodologies with the drone-pop of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone, Lonesome Leash, however, is no bedroom project, rather the outcome of a one-man-band or, as sole-member Walt McClements says, "hands feet and lungs." "Ghosts" breaks into haunted house progressions, moaning through a sort of neo-baroque disaster, the final, insistent lyric, "There are ghosts between us, as we lay." It's the soundtrack to the final movement an independent film that hasn't been made yet. A cathedral of horn and accordion mark the outlines of the blast area, this washed out and unsettling bit of pop music, McClements, tense and alone at the center.

Download :: Lonesome Leash - "Ghosts"
Download :: Lonesome Leash - "Feeding Frenzy"

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