Mary Cassidy and Jon Lawless :: "Verbs"

The output from First Rate People wunderkind, Jon Lawless continues in a steady stream of poppy collaborations with other musicians. In the case of "Verbs", making its US debut here, Lawless is partnered with Mary Cassidy again, the same duo who took us to "Carolina" in February. "Verbs" slides along on the back of a flickering electric guitar and keyboard progression that makes ample use of the "organ" effect button. Cassidy charms with her vocal, rapid-fire on some lyrics (using "car crash" as a useful phonetic tool) and the picture of languid in the song's soaring hook. It is Lawless who manages his usual ringmaster trick, standing somewhere near the center of a chaotic and brilliant idea, seemingly bemused in all his lo-fi glory, admitting to being equal parts "judgmental" and "sentimental". It's a good combination, as it always seems to be.

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