Giant Fang :: "Golden Age"

Mixing buzzing synths and a top-of-the-room chorus, Glasgow band, Giant Fang construct an arena-sized generation polemic on "Golden Age". The cribbed notes from the M83 catalogue are obvious, winsome keyboards meandering through the neon backdrop of a post-John Hughes wasteland. Equally apparent is the homage to "Wake Up", a song that informed so much of what came in the decade since its release. By now we know the trick, our co-dependence mirrored in the group vocals of the hook, the meaning of our largely invisible struggles lionized in a rousing collection of "ohs". Giant Fang courts this aesthetic, singing, "We were the sons of the golden age," a place where it was hard to describe the meaning of our actions, but they sounded enormous.


David Campbell & The Talk said...

Fantastic Sound !

David Campbell & The Talk said...

Fantastic Sound!