The Jezabels :: "The End"

I still remember seeing the Jezabels at CMJ in 2010, the band that arrived at the festival with the best recorded material and the best chance of latching on with a major. Of course, they didn't, and it wasn't the fault of the live show, singer Hayley Mary operating as a force of nature on shitty PA systems across Brooklyn and the basements of the Lower East Side. The band won't play the 2013 iteration of CMJ but releases latest single, "The End" as their return to recording and return to form. "The End" is breathless ride through Mary's upper register, glowing synths and racing guitars providing the antidote for lyrics like, "You gave me your hand/ I gave you dirt." This here-it-is-you-get-nothing sentiment rings triumphant through the chorus, emerging with a clear sense that "The End" is essentially about closing the loop on one epoch and beginning another. Mary sings, "I want to know," and we all do too.

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