Prinze George :: "Victor"

A mysterious three-piece from Brooklyn (is there anything better to be?), Prinze George have one of the best songs of early 2014 on the snapping, "Victor". With vocals that drive slow in the burgeoning morning light - one of the first lyrics, "you made a career of composure/she needs you to steer, she's hungover" - and synths that race in at double-time from the margins, you can make the argument that the entrance of the synthesizers at the 26-second mark is the best two seconds of music you'll hear this year. From there, call-and-response "un-huhs" (a super satisfying conceit for pop) rise from below and soaring vocals spin in larger and larger concentric rings in the chorus. The final movement doubles the snare, chasing a finish that structurally must exist but is no horizon line.

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