Secret Company :: "Saviour"

Secret Company's debut single, "Saviour" heads nowhere but up from the opening chords forward. The ebullient, Top 40 chorus provides a bit of pop candy, especially the tonal modulation (for the uninitiated, this is soul of modern pop music: the alternation between a few, three or four at the most, notes) in the upper register of front man Scott Revell. Our ears allight to the possibilities of this Noah and the Whale-style vocal, a bit heartsick, still able to transmute when pushed, and each time Revell reaches up to touch the pitch on the title lyric - "savior" and "save you", "worry" and "all a game" - we rise a bit with him, maybe waiting to see if he'll make it, or certain that another brilliant hook-driven moment lies just around the corner.

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