Foreign Born :: "Early Warnings"

We've been tracking the upcoming Foreign Born release like a streaking rocket. That might be an overstatement. We are tracking the new Foreign Born album like a blue whale that scientists tagged months ago and are currently studying to capture its migratory patterns. Where will it go next?

The appropriately-titled "Early Warnings" is the answer. Take your classic Foreign Born guitar strums - full, acoustic and rich - and then add some Vampire Weekend-esque guitar to the top of the mix and you have "Early Warnings." Do people still love Paul Simon's Graceland? You bet. It crashes and pulses and even has some hand-claps in the middle. If you could describe American folk music as "uncompromising," this is it. They are from Los Angeles and that's the next stop on our migration anyways. So, science, put a tag on our ears. Shoot us full of tranquilizer if you have to - we'll just wake up. We're on the move and I flat out dare you to keep up.

Listen :: Foreign Born - "Early Warnings"

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